VANS Journey
VANS Journey is my response to a packaging assessment that I received at college. The brief asked me to create a sneaker brand that would appeal to a market of 16–24-year-olds. The brief required a shoe that meets all occasions - Basketball, soccer, running etc. It is meant to be cool, totally egotistical, and must make people walk straight past the shoe shelf. One of the specific requirements of the brief is that the packaging must look like they are moving in action while stationary on the display shelf.
After creating the shoe packaging, I used the assets with the packaging and expanded it to a range of products such as shoes, skateboards as well as stickers. 
This project aims to create mass appeal and a lifestyle based on the product. I want it to be recognised not only through the logo but also through other elements such as the colour palette, the grungy texture and doodle-style illustrations.
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